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Koka Tskhvediani, emphasizing and citing the Modernism and Postmodernism semantics, intensifies the painting turning it into multidimensional expression: the images – landscapes, symbols, and abstract brushstrokes, the evolutionary and devolutionary gradations of color - are the representation of artist’s kunstwollen.
And precisely this is artist’s most noteworthy position which gives him the ability of unconstrained and open self-expression and grants him for the free journeyin the deep labyrinths of Postmodernism.

Iliko Zautashvili
artist, art historian, independent curator
Tbilisi, 2014

The contemporary artist is in search of the form which discloses the interest of individual and society towards each other. The process is often restricted by the clichés twisted in our experience, only passively unveiling itselfin diverse forms of intention. The main motivation of contemporary art is the attainment of causal relationships and not merely the depiction of any formal links. So the creative process turns out to be the intersection of means and goals.

Amongst the artistic variety in Tbilisi Koka Tskhvediani’s art is really distinguished. His aesthetic position is determined precisely by the creative process, the processenthused by the specificity of medium and color. Any historically identified method, manner of depiction he turns into the tool for expressing his personal subject matters, for revealing his own interpretations of artistic structures. Usually he works with paints (oil, acrylic) on various surfaces – canvas, cardboard or wood. His point of interest is focused on exposing the medium as the accumulator of color/texture/matter information. Thus he never subduesthe medium, never limits it with some thought-out structure or form; on the contrary, all components are manifested outcoming of the capacity of the medium itself.

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Nikoloz / KOKA / Tskhvediani

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Date of Birth 1957 Tbilisi, Georgia
Education 1975-1980 Tbilisi state University, Georgia

Solo Exhibitions:
2015 Gallery "Alliance 22", Tbilisi, Georgia. 2010 TBC Bank gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.
2008 DEVA HOLDING Art Gallery,Istanbul, Turkey.
2005 GEM Gallery, YapiKredi Plaza, Istanbul, Turkey.
2004 Haasconsulting office, Altnau, Switzerland.
2004 Haasconsulting Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.
1994 New Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Group Exhibitions:
2015 Modern Art Gallery "SFUMATO", Tbilisi, Georgia.
2014 Broadway Gallery, New York, USA, GLOBAL PROJECTS.
2014 Conceptual art exhibition in Residence president of Georgia, “art rules”.
2012 Artisterium V, International Forum of Contemporary Art in Tbilissi, Georgia.
2012 Writing with color, CCA Tbilisi, Centre of contemporary ATB-Tbilisi.

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2011 – Artisterium IV, International Forum of Contemporary Art in Tbilissi, Georgia
1999-2003 Exhibitions and projects, N Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
1998 - Georgian modern art, Zaarland Radio, Zaarbrucken, Germany.
1997 - ”The recall of childhood“, Modern Art Gallery,Tbilisi, Georgia.
1996 - ”Cartesionreflaction and experience of heart”, Gallery on Kashirka, Moscow, Russia.
1995 - ”Media space”, Georgian Art state Museum,Tbilisi, Georgia.
1995 - “Gift”, Gallery “Art-synthesis, Tbilisi,Georgia.
1994 - “Winter has to be outlived”, State Library, Tbilisi, Georgia.
1993 - “America-500”, New Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.
1993 - “Abstinensce”, New Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.
1993 - Art myth, Moscow International Art market, Moscow.
1992 - Election and Value”, New Gallery, Tbilisi.

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App. 21, #4, Gabashvili Str.
0162, Tbilisi, Georgia

phone number: +995 93 280501
Email: nikolozkoka@yahoo.com

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